Network Trade Fair

Verkosto 2021 trade fair postponed to October 2021

Press Release  27.10.2020

Tampere Trade Fairs Ltd has decided to postpone the main event for energy and information networks, Verkosto 2021 trade fair, to autumn of 2021. The original schedule for the fair was between January 20–21, 2021, but now the event is postponed to October 6–7, 2021. The reason behind this decision is the effects of the corona virus on the possibilities of visitors and exhibitors in the energy industry to participate in a national trade fair in January.

Extensive discussions with customers, the exhibition committee, and various interest groups indicated that it is not feasible to organise Verkosto in January. The participation limitations imposed upon persons working in critical infrastructure form the biggest single reason for fair postponement.

– When making this decision, we gave special consideration to our target visitor segment. The representatives of the visitor companies we interviewed thought it highly unlikely that their people would have an opportunity to visit the fair in January even if security measures were adequate. Tampere Trade Fairs organises high-quality trade fairs whose success also depends on a wide-ranging visitor base. As the opportunities of visitor participation in the event in January are limited, we believe that postponing the fair to October is justifiable under the current circumstances, reasons the Project Manager for the Network 2021 trade fair, Tuija Sievola.

The next Verkosto trade fair will be the 14th one, and its themes and programme will be the same in October despite the changes in schedule. This time the fair’s theme will be smart and responsible networks, seen from the perspective of partner networks, network construction, and responsible environmental solutions – to name but a few.