Network Trade Fair

What is Network?

The Main Event for the Network Industry

The Network trade fair is taking place next time at 22nd to 23rd of January 2025!


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see the latest case examples and hear about the future investment and business possibilities. There’s also time for networking with cooperation partners and colleagues.

Developers, engineers

find brand new, innovative products and services. Development means constant updating and improving and this event showcases the latest solutions.


get to see the latest services and products and hear the interesting presentations and examples while meeting and sharing ideas with other professionals.

The Network supercharged the energy and information network industry

The main event for the energy and information network sector, the Network fair, brought together the field’s experts to provide a sparky package filled with future visions between January 25–26, 2023 in Tampere. The fair was organised for the fourteenth time, and it was especially applauded for its inspiring encounters and topicality. A total of 4,324 visitors went with the Network’s flow over the two-day event.

The Network – Verkosto will next be powered up between January 22–23, 2025. This headlining event in the field of energy and information networks provides relevant experts with an exceptional platform for encounters, innovations, and latest solutions.

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Näkymä Tampereen Messujen Verkosto-messuilta, joka on ainutlaatuinen kohtaamispaikka yrityksille

Why should you come?

The Network trade fair introduces the energy and information network industries in Finland. There will be the latest machines and equipment, experts, decision makers and co-workers.

The program of the event will bring out experts to share their knowledge with us. There is going to be presentations, case examples and showcases. This is a great chance to update your professional hard drive and engage in conversations with other pros.

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