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Press Release  25.01.2023

Verkosto – Network revives experts of the energy and information network industry at the Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre on 25th to 26th of January 2023. This event, organised for the fourteenth time, offers an up-to-date whole that stirs up things and looks to the future, with smart and responsible networks as the trade fair theme. The Network Act of the Year, Vuoden Verkostoteko, special prize of the network industry will be awarded on the opening day of the event.

Functional, sustainable and developing future solutions for energy and information networks will flow starting today, as the Network Trade Fair launches in Tampere and continues from the 25th to 26th of January. During the challenging global situation and the great transition, networks offering renewability, topicality and secure preparedness are the industries topic of the moment as well as touch people globally. The much-awaited hub of the industry, brings together energies after the event gap due to pandemic years – more up to date than ever.

– It is fabulous to assemble here at the Network – Verkosto hub again. Professionals in the energy and information network industries have been looking forward to this event, and I believe that encounters can make a difference even as the field is undergoing a massive transition. Verkosto is definitely more topical than ever before, future is created now in Tampere, says Janne Kerttula, the Chairman of Verkosto’s Exhibition Committee and Director of Finnish Energy Association.

On the opening day, Finnish Energy Association will present their seminar Energy Networks 2035, focusing on the role of electricity networks with the rising consumption of electricity and production of renewable energy, from the perspectives of front-loaded planning and implementation of investments, flexibility, security of supply, and the smartness and capacity of the network. The seminar features a panel on distribution networks to discuss the development of monitoring methods and the Energy Networks 2035 vision. The event finishes with the awarding of the Network Act of the Year prize.

Network Act of the Year to be awarded at the event on Wednesday

The Energy Networks 2035 seminar will culminate with the awarding of the Network Act of the Year prize, theme of the year 2023 being responsibility. The Network Act of the Year award winner may be an undertaking, a project or, for example, a product or service that brings forth some novelty as regards responsibility. Responsibility, as recognised by the award, constitutes taking the environment into account in production and quality, reliability and sustainability as well as work that is responsibly conducted and managed. The owner of a network act under the responsibility theme complies with social responsibility, prepares for the future, and takes renewable sources of energy into account. With this network industry prize, which is to be awarded for the third time, Tampere Trade Fairs Group and Finnish Energy Association wish to highlight exemplary operators in the extensively growing energy and information network industry.

Latest newcomers at Verkosto, Network Trade Fair are district heating networks with the seminar Role of heating networks in future energy systems, scheduled for Wednesday as well. The fascinating programme will spur the professionals across the trade fair, with topics encompassing everything that is relevant and up-to-date in the energy and information networks industry. See the entire programme of the event (in Finnish)

Smart and Responsible Network

Smart and responsible network is the highlighted theme for Verkosto – Network 2023, with perspectives such as reliable network, networks in the energy transition and responsibility. A smart and responsible network looks to the future, creating a strong and energising tomorrow.  A reliable network prioritises the roles of security of supply and service, cybersecurity, and information security. Digitalisation and AI as well as the collection, analysis and utilisation of data are strongly influencing the development of grids and networks. The transition will make quality, reliability and robustness to become essential. The advancement of the industry will emphasise the importance of expanding competences and meaningful partnerships. With the renewable sources of energy, the energy transmission system is facing a new situation. Other topics of the event include sector integration, EU Green Deal and the management of peak electricity as well as the interconnection of different forms of energy. Future networks operate responsibly, both for humans and for nature. An eco-friendly, safe building of networks and sustainable manufacturing of products are a must.

Verkosto – Network is the main event of energy and information network industry, consisting of content, products and services related to information, electricity, heating, and gas network industries. Tampere Trade Fairs organise Verkosto – Network together with Finnish Energy Association, Adato Energia Oy, Teleprikaati Oy, Tieturi Oy, Finnish District Heating and Cooling Association (FinDHC ry) as well as Finnish Work Safety Association (STYL ry. The partner company for Verkosto 2023 trade fair is Tampereen Sähkölaitos. Verkosto Trade Fair is organised in 2023 for the fourteenth time.

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